Hey there! It’s been ages.

After making up series of reasons why I am too busy to write in here, the time has come for me to actually write.

So, here am I.

Ideas don’t come easy. So to help myself in becoming a more productive “writer” (emphasis on the ” “), here’s a list of what i would be writing in the future.

1. An epic lovestory.

I am a love story junkie. One day, i aim to write a really good one that will capture the hearts of many. I intend it to be short, simple and funny. Once I’m done, you bet I’m gonna post it here.

2. A how-to article

I’ve got a diverse range of interests. From make-up to books, movies, anime, fashion, arts, music.. anything under the sun. One day, I aim to write a how-to article on where I could impart what I know in the fields that I’m interested with.

3. before and after (my journey to a better and fitter self)

I am a typical pinay that spends 9 hours at the office 5 days a week as I assume most of us does. For me, juggling work-life, family-life, social-life, spiritual-life and personal-life is quite a feat. Despite the effort i exert to achieve work-life balance, in the end of the day, I am still a woman. I have the need to feel good about myself; to feel beautiful. 

I got this aim in improving myself and my looks by having a healthier lifestyle. Just recently, I started swimming as a form of exercise and started eating healtier food. I believe that the journey to self-improvement would be more fun and motivating if shared with other people. With this, i intend to share with you my journey in having a fitter and better self by writing an article about it. Please join me on this. (ready you pompoms and cheer for me, please *^_^*)

4. Travel diary

I travel sparingly due to monetary constraints. But I believe that the memories, experiences and learning that we earn through travelling are worth the investment. So, to widen my perspective, broaden my knowledge, meet people and have fun, I intend to travel more this year. This month, I will be going to baguio with a good friend to chill and relax and to escape from our grinding life in the city. I haven’t been to baguio which makes me all the more excited. Next month, I am also planning to go to Laoag, Vigan and Pagudpod. I still worry about the expenses from time to time but the thought of the adventures ahead is enough to melt that all.  I will take pictures and share that adventures to you all.

5. Upclose and personal

A few days ago, I have written 100 things I want to do before I die. The 42nd item on the list reads, “Pour out my life’s story to a stranger and spare no detail”. The idea is not original, I just read it somewhere (sorry, I couldn’t put a proper credit because I forgot where). I believe that it’s easier and more liberating to pour out our stories and the emotions that come with it to a total stranger. I bet the stranger will spare you the judgement since he/she doesn’t know you personally. So, with this, I aim to pour out some of my life’s stories in here. By then, I hope YOU can be MY STRANGER who will lend me an ear (or as for our case, eyes) and spare me with the judgment.

6. Kitchen experiments and mishaps

I am the youngest in the family and has been the little princess at home for most of my lifetime. So i didn’t get to learn how to cook that much.  But since, I dream (intend) to become a homemaker someday, I have to learn how to cook. I’ve been trying saute, fried and other simple recipes lately. I intend to do more complex ones. I want to be a gourmet and a good one at that (see, i dream BIG). I will try complex recipes (in a newbie’s standard) and will post it here. Promise I will be honest with the taste if they come up bad or not.


So, there you go. I hope the list will serve as my guide on what i will be writing about at times when i don’t know what I should be writing about (which happens most of the time, by the way).

If you’ve got anything in mind for other topics and interest, just let me know by hitting the 「leave a comment」 button.


World Peace 🙂