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Have you seen the Pacquiao-Bradley II fight yesterday? Who haven’t? You must’ve heard about it everywhere –

How aggressive Bradley was on the first four rounds,


how Bradley’s hard right hand hit Manny in Round 4,  


how Manny and Bradley exchanged hard shots…


Source: ringtv.craveonline.com

and how Mommy D’, who has gone viral in international social media now and who’s now renowned as the ‘Pambansang Daliri’,


Source: kgen2001.wordpress.com

prayed for Manny.


It has been a good fight nonetheless. Two-men fighting their hearts out till the end.  

I realized that’s how our lives should be – Work hard, have a game plan, prepare for the battle, give your best shot and fight the good fight. All the hardships would pay off sooner or later.

Manny Pacquiao’s fall last time was epic. It was heart-breaking. How could the pound-for-pound king be knocked out? He didn’t just lose, he was knocked out. Imagine that hit of fate.


But he didn’t just cry in the corner and stop right there. He rose, accepted his defeat, practiced more and won again.


I think that fall made him more skilled and a lot smarter now than ever.  What a fighter Pacquiao is. And so is Bradley who has been a good sport.

We are all going through some different bouts in our lives. Some are buried with financial debts, some are struggling to find a better career, some are heartbroken, others are fighting cancer….Each of us have our own different battles. Regardless how small or big those battles are, we should never stop believing even when we’re totally knocked out. We should rise, accept the defeat and fight again. It’s not about the winning that matters, it’s the falling that makes us stronger and smarter and closer to God.

We may not have a cunning Freddie Roach coach or a lovable Mommy D’ in our lives but hey we have a big God.

With God as our coach and trainer, nothing is impossible.


Source: tonymsantoro.wordpress.com

Have a happy and meaningful holy week!