Some gained their best days out of pure luck. Some gained it by planning and execution. As for my case, I prayed.

I have always loved Sundays. My other days are just as good, but Sunday is the day that I hold close to my heart.

My Sundays usually go this way:

The delicious aroma of coffee and our sumptuous breakfast will wake me up.

I will walk my way downstairs. I will see him there, singing his hearts out while cooking.

“Wake up the kids, hon’, breakfast is ready.” he will say in between singing some song. He sings random songs all the time. Sometimes I think he got massive collections of songs and lyrics inside his head.

I will walk my way to the kids’ bedroom, kiss their foreheads and whisper, “wake up baby, it’s time for breakfast”.

They will open their eyes, say their “good morning, mommy”. Then, one of them will go back to sleep, one will sit up and snooze off, and the other one will jump up and down the bed waking the other two.

We will eat our breakfast together. Share stories of how the few days had been. Share each other’s plan for the day ahead. And then head back to fix ourselves as we will be going to our Sunday mass.

“So, whose gonna drive the car now?” he will ask.

“You..”I will say with a teasing smile.

“Oh, ok”.. He will say, smiling back.

And off we will go.

You may say that my Sundays are just typical one. But this typical Sundays that I have are something I didn’t just wish for.

I’ve met him on a Wednesday. Yeah, not on a Sunday as one would have thought. He was tall, fair skinned, with clean cut hair. All in all, he was generally neat. He looked relaxed, confident, friendly and formal all at the same time. I mean, being relaxed or confident or friendly or formal are one thing. Separately. But being all of the above is another. And he was  like that–he was all of the above.

He was a furniture designer, an art collector and a country music junkie.It may be on how interested I was in his craft or on how I actually dreamth of living the life he has, but in the first 5 minutes after we met, I knew we’re gonna be an instant hit. He was a free spirit. Dashing in his own way. Living in independence.

We later became friends. Being with him was such a breathe fresh air that later on i found myself being drawn..

It was then that I’ve decided that I’m gonna give it a shot.

“you know what… I think I’m starting to fall in love with you”..

with all the strength i can muster, i managed a smile. He smiled and reached for my hands and said,

“you see…I am gay..”


..to be continued.