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Today is just one of those stormy Friday afternoon, when one would rightfully crave for some hot and delicious drink. I was particularly craving for a hot chocolate but I find the ready-mixed ones too high carbs and high sugar that I came up to something much more nutritious and diet friendly.

I used 1 chocolate tablet (tablea), 2 packets of stevia (as sugar alternative) and 1 cup of hot water.



The process is pretty simple. I heated the chocolate tablet on a boiling cup of water, stirring until fully melted. Placed the mixture on a cup, put the packets of stevia and stir. Using normal whisk, I whisked the sweetened mixture until frothy. The whisking process was done with the whisk handle placed between the palms. Rub your palms against each other to make the whisk roll. Do so vigorously in order to make the hot chocolate even frothier.

In a traditional hot chocolate recipe, a chocolate whisk (also known as “batidor” or “batirol” that looks much like a Mexican molinet that served the same purpose) is used. I searched for a chocolate whisk everywhere in the market but failed to find one, so I settled for a normal whisk. I think it worked just as fine.


The difference that whisking make is quite remarkable. It improves the texture and the taste and the frothy effect of whisking makes your hot chocolate looks all the more delicious.



Cocoa are said to have antioxidant properties. It is low in carbohydrates and high in protein, and if you’re going to use a pure (unsweetened) cocoa tablet and use artificial sweetener (such as stevia) instead of sugar, then you’re gonna be making a healthy sugar free mixture. So how about that for a healthier chocolate mix alternative?

Try this and let us know how it works. 🙂

I prefer my chocolate a little bitter. If you want it sweeter, you may add some more sweetener or cut back a little on the chocolate tablet depending on your preference. You may add milk (something low carbs with more protein) for a creamier mixture. I will be trying out soy milk for my next concoction and see how it works.