Back-to-work Monday (or at least for most of us). The hustles and bustles of the city just make me miss the travel we had in Surigao 2 years ago.

Surigao is a province located in the Mindanao area of the Philippines. This is my mom’s hometown, so made we it a point to visit at least once in every few years.

We took a flight from Manila to Butuan and from there rode a PUV that looked like an fx, (only jam packed and no aircon) that led us to bad-as and from there we rode a tricycle to my aunt’s place in Cabugao.



The tricycle in there looks a little different from what we have in most of Bulacan and Manila area. It still amuses me how Philippines have different types of tricycle.


I just miss the fresh air, fresh foods, the simplicity, the smiles… And of course, our relatives too!

Certainly a place to go back to. For me, Surigao is just like home.


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We tried travelling by bus on our way back to Manila. It was tiring but awesome. The view was fantastic. My favorite part was when we rode a RORO ferry boat.



For me, travelling through water is the best! I love how the water would look like soap bubbles as the boat pass through it.


If you are lucky, you would sometimes see group of fishes jumping together like they were performing some dance. It was really a site to behold.

The sea looks best at night but that’s when its hard to take pictures. The next best is before dusk. Have you every seen the sun set while riding a ferry boat? Breathtaking indeed.

I love the line that separates the sea from the sky. You know you’re still on Earth, but it will make you feel like you’re in somewhere better.


I’m gonna go back here soon…