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It was 11:30am. I was too preoccupied with what I was doing that I forgot I was yet to cook anything for lunch.

Good thing, the broccoli stalks left from yesterday’s broccoli dish was yet to be thrown away (For those who didn’t know, broccoli stalks are perfectly edible). So, with a few grams of pork, canned sardines and camote tops (freshly picked from our backyard), and voila! We have a dish!


Not really bad for something rushed. We ended up well-fed. 🙂

I also made tofu chips by cutting tofu in really thin slices. The real trick is to fry the tofu in high heat to make it really crispy.


Since we are a traditional Filipino family, our tofu chips’ dip was a mixture soy sauce and vinegar. I believe a mayonnaise dip can also be good.

Have you tried this dish or anything similar? Share us your thoughts. ^^