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We stepped down the bus, inhaled our first breathe of Baguio, and with arms open wide, blurted, “Ohhhhh helloooooo, Baguio!!”

And then it hit us, “Ok, now what?”

A friend and I decided to set out in an adventure. We packed our bags, bought tickets and traveled to Baguio without any reservation- not even an idea as to where we’re gonna stay for the next three days. And we were both first timers!

But i guess this is one of  those times when getting lost feels awesome 🙂

This was our first bite of adventure. Strawberry Taho!


It has a sweet-sour taste. Though I still prefer the traditional Taho that is made from arnibal (brown sugar syrup), I’d say that strawberry taho is really worth a try.

We managed to visit most of Baguio’s famous landmarks, from Burnham Park to Camp John Hay, Lourdes grotto, and Tam-awan village.


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We also went to Benguet to experience strawberry picking and then went to bell church that is located at a few minutes drive from the strawberry field.1236070_10152161441644069_6419790226598573396_n 1555281_10152161421119069_1874471198709293006_n10314552_10152161421704069_8078406556366274387_n 1959385_10152161423764069_5117188814268121575_n10177932_10152161428534069_2855256879127714835_n 10176024_10152161428584069_4401366663623465144_n 1947866_10152166697699069_1395896119826955329_n10152054_10152161439889069_6994544408691818362_n10245513_10152166697989069_4959238645175144913_n

This trip was such a sweet escape.

Baguio is indeed a great place to get lost in.