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Thomas wakes up in a lift without his memory except of his name. He finds himself in a community of boys in a vast land surrounded by gigantic stone walls called the Glade. Like him, the boys’ memories have been erased.  The only thing they know is that the giant maze is full of grievers and traps; its door opens every morning and closes at night. So if a runner fails to enter the Glade before the door closes, he’s dead. But Thomas is sent there for a reason, he is more than what he thinks he could be.


This is a Hunger-Game-ish movie based on a best-selling sci-fi novel by James Dashner. I haven’t read the book yet but the movie is okay. It is not that thrilling as I’ve expected but there are surprises in the end.

Is it worth the bucks?
If you’re on a tight budget yet still you want to watch this I think it’s not that worth it.