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The sudden downpour yesterday brought flood and worse traffic jam. While soaking wet, I wished I can grow wings-or better yet-a propeller, so that I can just fly and escape away from the flood and traffic and into the comfort of my home and wrap myself into something dry. Sighs…

Oh, well, yesterday’s rain just made me remember this all-time favorite song, Elesi.


“Elesi” is a Filipino (Tagalog) word that means propeller like that of a plane or electric fan. Part of the lyrics goes “kumapit ka kaya sa akin ng ikaw ay maitangay sa kalayaan ng ligaya. Tayo na, tayo na. Ika’y magtiwala sa pagkat ngayong gabi ako ay mahiwagang elesi.” (Why don’t you hold on to me so that I can carry you to the freedom of happiness? Let’s go, let’s go. Trust me because tonight, I am a magic propeller). It was like the writer of the song has a friend who’s having a tough time. So he told his friend that he’s a magic propeller and all he have to do is to hold on to him and together they can fly and escape from it all.

Elesi is a track from the 3rd album of a Filipino rock band, Rivermaya that was released in year 1997. (source: Wikipedia)

Will be writing down the lyrics (with English translations) below.
Listen, sing along and escape with me 🙂

By: Rivermaya

Pag automatic na ang luha ( when tears are free-flowing)
Tuwing naghahating gabi (during midnight)
Pagimposibleng mapatawa (when laughing is impossible)
At di na madapuan ng ngiti (and you can no longer smile)


Kumapit ka kya sa akin ng ikaw ay (Why don’t you hold on to me so that)
Maitangay sa kalayaan ng ligaya (I can carry you to the freedom of happiness)
Tayo na tayo na (let’s go, let’s go)
Ikay mag tiwala sa pagkat (trust me because)

Ngayong gabi ako ang (tonight I am)
Mahiwagang elesi ( a magic propeller)

Pag komplikado ang problema (When problems are complicated)
Parang relong made in japan (Like a watch made in Japan)
At para ring sandwhich na (and like the sandwich)
Nasa lunchbox mong nawawala (in your missing lunchbox)
Nabubulok na sa isipan (rotting in your mind)

(Repeat chorus)
*elesi… elesi… (propeller… propeller…)

Minsan akoy nangailangan (When I was in need)
Daglian kang lumapit sakin (you hurriedly came to me)
Ibinulong mo kaibigan (you whispered, ‘friend,)
Ako ang iyong liwanag sa dilim (I am your light in the darkness’)

(Repeat chorus and *)
Elesi (oh)(propeller, oh)
Elesi (oh)(propeller, oh)