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When one is in a foreign country, its not only the tourist attractions, beaches and beautiful scenery that makes a mark but also those humble streets, the side walks, grocery trips, those familiar traffic lights, and parking lots and busy streets.. those too create a mark.

When I was sent to a business trip to Japan by the company that I use to work with, Tsudanuma was the place where I temporary lived.

It was a few stations away from our office and also a few stations away from Tokyo which made it so convenient.


Most of Japan’s malls and groceries close at 8 pm. But this one(see the photo above), a grocery named, JUSCO was open 24 hours. A life saver indeed.


I remember one afternoon, while walking around the neighborhood, I saw this multitude of birds flying in a somewhat circular motion. They looked like dancing. I was really a sight to behold.DSC00792

Japan’s streets are pretty clean.DSC00793

And those bikes. Up to this date I wonder if those bikes were for rent or for sale. Or maybe paid parking- I wouldn’t know for sure. By then, my Japanese skills was in a yes-no-i don’t know level and I could barely read Kanji so I was not able to find out.DSC00794

And the signage in streets and buildings. I can barely read them by then, much less, understand. But I found them amazing still. I guess, sometimes, you just can’t help but love something you don’t understand.DSC00578

This is a view from our apartment’s balcony. Same from what I use to see in anime, only so much more real.DSC00581

The entrance to our apartment by night.

Tsudanuma was a place I came to love. This served as my home when I was far from home. Really, if I’d be given a chance to live in Japan, I’d definitely choose this place to live in. If I am to get back to Japan, this is certainly a place I’d want to get back to.