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Before Tokyo Dome city’s Roller coaster, I was afraid of heights.. After it, I became terrified of heights.

The first time I’ve stepped in Tokyo Dome city, the towering roller coaster and Ferris wheel were the first things that we have noticed. We tried the roller coaster right away and proceeded to the Ferris wheel next.

I haven’t tried that many roller coasters in my entire life time but I could say that this was the scariest among the few roller coaster experiences that I had. The dive was unforgiving. I guess I must have failed to make the safety buckles tighter because, when we’re at the “dive”, I’ve lost the feel of my own seat, It was a total free fall!!DSC00978

The coaster actually passes through the center of the Ferris wheel (which is centerless) and through the hole of La Qua building. I wonder how it feels like to pass through those with your eyes open (I had mine shut the whole time).DSC00979

The view from the Ferris wheel was breathtaking. The Ferris wheel was so huge I felt like I can see the whole Tokyo from there.DSC00951DSC00963DSC00954 DSC00960 DSC00962DSC00971DSC00991

It was late in December when we went Tokyo Dome. The lights at night was truly a sight to behold.DSC01029DSC01050


And the dancing light show was amazing.


I was awesome.

The shops too are amazing. It is a haven for those who loves to shop.

Tokyo Dome is definitely one of my favorite places in Japan.

But still, I am saying no more to roller coasters. :b