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This video shows ISIL jihadists having fun in buying and selling Yazidi women slaves.

“Today is distribution day God willing. Each one takes his slave.”

One fighter is willing to pay 3 banknotes (1 banknote is believed to be a hundred bucks), another would trade a pistol or a glock and the other bids for 5 banknotes for a female slave.

“Where is my Yezidi girl?”

The price is higher for women with blue and green eyes. And these men are willing to bid for a slave as young as 15.

Islam condones concubine and slavery with the exception of women in reference with Koran. A wife should remain faithful to her husband or she’d be thrown to death by stones while a man is allowed to have unlimited supply of wives, and to do whatever he wants to his captives.

Qur’an (8:69) “But enjoy what ye took in war, lawful and good”

Is what happening to female slaves right now any lawful and good? These people must have a different definition for those words.