Image source: http://lifehacker.com

When I was 3 or 4 years old, I dreamed that my dad has a mistress. The mistress was living in our house and my brother and I were bullying her. She was eating in the dream and to piss her off my brother and I were pulling off the curtains behind here while she was eating. What’s weird was, every time that we are pulling off the curtain, my eyes were slowly opening in real life. And whenever I close my real life eyes, I will get back to the same dream. I knew then that I was in a dream but I couldn’t make myself wake up unless I pull off the curtain in my dream. And once I’m awake, closing my eyes will bring me back to the same dream again. The process continued for some time I can’t remember how that repetitions stopped. It was the weirdest dream ever. I never had that kind of dream again.

How about you? What is your weirdest dream?