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It was pre-spring season then, we were driving on a certain destination when we saw these breathtaking scenery.

It was early February and the Sakura (Cherry) trees were blooming already. They were indeed such a beauty.


It was a chill peaceful drive back then. We decided to make a stop near the sea to savor the view.DSC01398 DSC01401DSC01402 DSC01405

We then saw this bench by the cliff, climbed up and sat there, with the sea breeze blowing on our face. It was the best feeling ever.DSC01416DSC01434Group of birds flying together never fail to amaze me. I guess, they too are loving the sea and the breeze and everything else.DSC01453

We also saw this cute sign on the girls’ public toilet. The sign reads “joushi” which mean, women or girl.DSC01418

We also passed by the lighthouse and climbed up. From up there, things look twice as amazing. No wonder the birds were loving this too.DSC01439 DSC01440 DSC01445 DSC01447

And this towering tree. I guess this will make a perfect Christmas tree 🙂DSC01414They say, “stop and smell the flowers.” and I agree. The nature offers so much beauty that sometimes all we have to do is to stop and make time to experience it all.