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I haven’t read Filipino fiction for like ages since I’ve been so into financial and self-help books for the past years. So being at the 5th Philippine International Literary Festival and Book Industry Summit for Filipino Readercon last Saturday was like re-opening my ‘native’ fiction world once again.


There were hundreds of books on sale!

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And there were writers all around…Some shared their stories how they turned writers from being a reader.

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Jun Cruz Reyes, a Filipino literary writer and college professor said, Literature is a representation of human experience. It is not meant to be technically perfect. It could be an award-winning piece but what’s the point if the people won’t read it? At the end of the day style doesn’t matter, what really count is the number of people who were impacted by your story…your compelling message.

This 4th Filipino Readercon was really an amazing experience. Hearing these writers speak live and joke around like any normal human being was awesome. It’s just sad to know that in all conferences I have attended to, this one had the least number of crowd. I wish more people could listen to them or read their works perhaps.