Ours is a tropical country in Southeast Asia (Philippines). We don’t have four seasons. We only know of wet and dry season and nothing else.

And so, the first time I’ve seen real live snow got me quite a bit exhilirated.

DSC01315DSC01330 DSC01328 DSC01326DSC01327 DSC01325


The texture of the snow was quite a discovery for me. I sure read information about it from different sources, but seeing the real thing just way different.

It actually surprised me that snow is not melting even when the sun’s shining!

DSC01320 DSC01318 DSC01316  DSC01314 DSC01313 DSC01312 DSC01311 DSC01310 DSC01309 DSC01308 DSC01307 DSC01306 DSC01304 DSC01336 DSC01335 DSC01334 DSC01333 DSC01332

It was such a beauty. The trees, the houses, the buildings and streets all covered with white. Too bad though, I wasn’t able to make a snowman out of these.