Last November 20-23, 2014, Yang and I attended the biggest inspirational and learning event of the year, The Kerygma Conference 2014!!!

Kerygma Conference is a yearly event held by the Light of Jesus Family headed by Brother Bo Sanchez. Kerygma Conference started since 2007 and its now on its 8th year.


This year’s Kerygma Conference was entitled “Lifted High” with an airlines theme. We were given passports and were instructed to have the “itinerary” marked for every “departure” on each classes.


The crowd was overwhelming. Tens of thousands of people attended and we all had a blast!!


The lights, the songs, the band and the worship were amazing. I can still hear the songs in my head up to now. Total LSS.



When the Light of Jesus-Indonesia performed during the worship, they asked the audience (us) to light  the flashlights of our phone. With the lights down and all, the sight was amazing. It was like having ten thousand fireflies dancing around the room. Beautiful indeed. Too bad this photo failed to give justice to that sight.


People raised their hands, sang their hearts out to the heavens. There were singing, dancing, laughing and crying.



This was my seatmate then. I love watching this little girl looking so adorable, reaching her hand out to the heavens. It was heartwarming seeing little kids raising their hands in praise at a young age.


And yeah, two of my favorite performers were there too. The Company and Barbie Almalbis!! The Company sounded surreal. They were so awesome they don’t sound human at all. And, Barbie Almalbis. I loved her since college. How come she doesn’t  age? She looks so sweet and innocent. But when she slammed the guitar–man,  she ROCKS!!! I love love love love Barbie Almalbis!!



At the Grand feast last Sunday, November 23, 2014, we were asked to write our wishes of blessings for our family on a bond paper and fold it into a paper plane. On our “Captain”, Bo Sanchez’s command, we let go of our paper planes and let it soar around the hall of MOA arena. Every time that a plane landed near us, we were instructed to pick it up and fly it again. It was an awesome sight seeing those paper planes hovering above you. And they are special planes because they contain wishes of blessings of each and every one of us there in the arena.


We enjoyed the event immensely. Kerygma Conference lived up to its title, “Lifted High” because we were indeed lifted high. Definitely coming back next year.

Thank you Kerygma Conference. We enjoyed the flight. See you next year. 🙂