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My nephew once asked me if Time Machine really exists after watching Back To the Future trilogy. I said: I don’t think so…if it does, the world’s gonna be really really complicated.

Time travel stories started way back in the ancient history but the most popular fictions that tickled the people’s imagination about time travel was H.G. Well’s Time Machine, Charles Dicken’s Christmas Carol, and Edward Page Mitchell’s short story, The Clock that Went Backward.

But time travel is not just pure fiction. What about quantum mechanics and theory of general relativity? These are just few science that involves time and space. According to Wikipedia, Stephen “Hawking notes elsewhere that time travel might only be possible in a region of spacetime that is warped in the correct way”. So maybe, just maybe, it’s not impossible to make a time machine…if they would only figure out the purpose of this \rho_{\text{CTC}} = \text{Tr}_A \left[ U \left( \rho_A \otimes \rho_{\text{CTC}} \right) U^\dagger\right]. in life! (*nosebleed)

Anyways, whether time travel is really possible or not, I am going to watch Project Almanac this 2015!

Project Almanac is a sci-fi story about group of friends who discovered a how-to-build-a time-machine plan. When they were able to create one, they used the power of knowing the future for their personal pleasure but the things got more complicated than what they expected.

So are you ready to rock the past next year? What would you change if you would have the chance to go back in the past?