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I realized my childhood dream of going to Disneyland when I was 24 years old. A little older than I planned to, but its all worth the wait.

I feel like I am a child once more seeing my beloved Disney Characters turn to life.

It was really hard to take pictures since the floats are moving. I’m sharing here all the decent shots that I got.

Presenting, the Disney Parade!! Here it goes. 🙂

DSC00984 DSC00956 DSC00827 DSC00826 DSC00823 DSC00822

Mr. and Mrs. Incredible. Too bad I only got a shot when they are not looking 😦DSC00820 DSC00818 DSC00817 DSC00171 DSC00986

Up to here are the shots I got during day time. The floats were more amazing at night. They are all covered with lights. Below are  the shots I got at night-time.DSC00854DSC00852DSC00851DSC00857DSC00858DSC00855 DSC00856DSC00837DSC00838

I LOOOOVE fairy tales. And Cinderella happens to be my favorite. It took me a painful more-than-a-dozen tries for me to get one decent shot of this one that I almost wish the floats were stationary. But of course, it wouldn’t be called a parade if they were.DSC00841

Wait, is that Prince Charming?!! kyaaaa~!!!! ❤DSC00848DSC00836

And oh, Belle…. I love Belle.DSC00850These pictures were taken a few years back. I wonder if they now feature Anna and Elsa of Frozen because if so, I’d love to see that.

Japan’s Disneyland was the first Disneyland that I ever went to. Can’t wait to visit another Disneyland from another Country soon 🙂