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Setting new goals can be tiring at times.  You write down what you want to accomplish for a year, then time passes and you see nothing but setbacks and failures. It’s frustrating! Right before your eyes, you see how this goal thing works for people you know and climb the ladder to success while you, in spite of all the efforts, keep failing. Wouldn’t it be easier to give up your dreams and just live with what life throws at you?

I always remember this grouchy waiter character in one of Paolo Coelho’s book I’ve read whenever I feel like I’m in a dead end. There’s this waiter who’s so unpleasant to customers, he goes to work everyday, goes home at night, thinks of all the beautiful girls he serves coffee to and masturbates before he sleeps, then he wakes up, goes to work…then the cycle goes on until his dream dies with him. He never dared to see what else is out there, or he never dared to ask the girls that he likes out, or perhaps pursue his real passion.  His choice makes him the most awful and loneliest person in the world. And this is not fiction. We all know that this happens in real life.

So, to goals or to no goals, to dream or to just sleep it off? What would you choose? Would you rather shoot a deer and miss it or aim at nothing at all?

Well, here comes another year…I may miss it again but if I won’t quit I’m sure I’m gonna hit it someday, one way or another.