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A view from the rooftop of the Manila City Hall shows a sea of Catholic devotees escorting and struggling to touch the image of the Black Nazarene during the Traslacion on Friday, January 9. At least one person died from heart attack while hundreds were brought to nearby hospitals for treatment of injuries.

Wearing a black maroon shirt, barefoot, drenched in sweat, eyes burning with extreme desire…

If you get a hold of the rope that connects to the carriage of the Black Nazarene, your life will change forever or you’d lose it.

Whether it’s faith or devotion, what amazes me is that deep desire of the devotees to touch the image of the Black Nazarene or hold on to the rope at least as if their whole life depend on it.

What I don’t understand is that why people have to risk their lives for a catholic tradition.

Doesn’t faith come from within? Isn’t that kind of faith alone enough for a miracle?