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I love neighborhoods. I love how it differs from places to places. I love the authenticity and the “homey” feeling it gives. Whenever I go to foreign places, it is always those neighborhoods that leave deeper mark in me more than the beaches, tourist attractions and beautiful scenery do.

These pictures were taken during one of my business trips to Japan. I was assigned to live in Tsudanuma around Chiba prefecture (see this post) for a few months and then transfer to Haruki at Osaka prefecture and stayed there for the rest of my trip.

DSC01060A train from Nankai railway. The train system around Haruki were a lot simpler than the ones we had been using to reach Tsudanuma.DSC01038The apartment where I stayed.DSC01058The entrance to the apartment.DSC01039My travelling buddy, a portable red bike I named Mandy.DSC01057The neighboring houses. It looked like an anime village turned to life.DSC00930When Mandy and I went in search for a church, this was what we’ve found. A church surrounded with water. It was amazing. Too bad it was closed when we got there.DSC00948Some building we passed along the streets–with waterfalls attached to its walls. It was fantastic.DSC00940Since it was usually just Mandy and me, we were kind of lonely most of the time. And its best to be by the sea when you’re lonely :).DSC00947I love how the sea was just a Mandy(bike) ride away from home. And it looked amazing even at varying day light. Really beautiful sight.DSC00942 DSC00941 DSC01066

Kispa. This was my Jusco (my favorite mall in tsudamuna) in Osaka. It’s not open 24-hours but I love how it was so near home. Around here, my camera decided to take blurred pictures only so I wasn’t able to get a decent shot despite my many attempts.

Writing all these down made me miss Haruki-my home from another part of the Earth. My Haruki. One day, I’m gonna go back there. I don’t know when, I just know I will.