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I went to the cinema last Tuesday hoping to watch Night at the Museum, but the people I was with wanted to watch American Sniper so we watched it instead. I was surprised ‘coz it turned out to be really good.

Watching this movie was rather timely, with all the news about the Mamasapano Clash, where 44 of our brave heroes from Special Armed Forces sacrificed their lives while hunting international terrorists in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, which is now trending over the social media worldwide under the hashtag #fallen44.

The movie was about the life Chris Kyle, a real life American Sniper. In his early life, he was thought by his father to hunt deers and at an early age, he already showed potential in shooting. He was a rodeo cowboy during his adult life until he decided to join the Navy SEALs. He was such a good sniper that he earned the title “Legend” for his many kills. Chris Kyle had a wife and 2 kids.

American Sniper was an amazing war film. I believe this movie will raise consciousness on what a soldier’s life is all about. I guess Chris Kyle’s life was no different from the lives of the fallen 44 and everyone else in the armed forces. The movie raised my respect for our soldiers and on what they have to sacrifice –which is not only their lives, but also their families’ grieves, sorrows and endless worries for not knowing whether their loved one will make it alive or not.

Salute to our soldiers, salute to Chris Kyle. I’m still sad on how their stories ended. If you want to go home feeling happy after watching a movie, then this is not for you. But this really is a good one.