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It was back in college when I tried playing the spirit of the coin. Notice that I put a strikethrough at the word “playing” because I discourage people to treat spirit of the coin as a game.–it’s not.

We were at the campus then. We we’re Engineering students studying shopworks during those times so our classrooms were not entirely posh. We were at a classroom that was located just above the foundry. The floors were made of woods and so were the armchairs which were mostly old and so there were woods creaking everywhere. The place was pretty creepy when deserted.

There were initially four of us. We were bored waiting for the next class which was about to start in a few hours and the classroom that we were in was pretty deserted. We started talking about horror stuff for fun until one of us mentioned that she used to play spirit of the coin. The rest of us got all curious and so we all agreed to give it a try.

The procedures were simple. We took a piece of paper, wrote down all the letters of the alphabet and all the numbers from 0 to 9 and then at the middle wrote a “yes”, a “no” and a “start”.

We prayed first for guidance and protection. We then put a 1 peso coin at the “start”, placed our pointing fingers on the coin and moved it on a circular motion 3 times while chanting “spirit of the coin please come in, spirit of the coin are you in?”

We then moved the coin back at “start” with our fingers still placed on top of the coin after the chant. We paused for a few moments and then one of us asked, “spirit of the coin, are you in?”. The coin then moved to “yes” and that was how it all started. Once a spirit was in, you will ask questions and the spirit will answer by moving the coin to the letters that correspond to his answer.

We did it a lot of more times since until we started having regular spirit visitors. One was “Jonathan” and the other “Doak”. Jonathan was the kinder and friendlier type while Doak was the sort-of scary type. He often refused to allow us to let go of the coin.

At first I’ve had the speculations that maybe my friends who were playing spirit of the coin with me then were just playing a trick. But then we had a few people who joined us in our later sessions and I noticed that even when we change players, whenever Jonathan or Doak was in, they will always sound like themselves. They were rather consistent even when the player was new. That’s when I realized that it must be true that a spirit was actually talking to us.

The players are technically touching the coin with their fingers–there is of course a possibility that one of the players could just be manipulating the coin, but having tried it myself, I know none of us did.

To level up our spirit of the coin experience, I remember my friends and I went to Paco park or Paco Cemetery to do the spirit of the coin. From what I know, our National Hero, Jose Rizal’s remains were buried there until it was transferred to where it is now in Luneta park. It was really funny because in one of our sessions, the spirit of Jose Rizal himself was one of our visitors. He seemed like an imposter though because he doesn’t seem to remember Leonor Rivera or Josephine Bracken.

Jose Rizal- image source: http://www.filipiknow.net

Paco Park was known to have the remains of Fr. Jose A. Burgos, Fr. Mariano C. Gomes and Fr. Jacinto R. Zamora who were also known as Gomburza. And sure enough, they too became our visitors–or at least spirits who were pretending to be them. We were pretty sure they were not the Gomburza, because they know nothing of them. Well, I do not claim to be a historical genius who knew the lives of the heroes from of history by heart, but at least, compared to those spirits, I think I’m not that bad. But whoever those spirits were, they sure have sense of humor.

For some reason, we were not able to summon Jonathan or Doak at the Paco Park which gave me the theory that maybe spirits are territorial and can only be summoned in certain places. But of course, I wouldn’t know for sure.

I wish I can write here something really creepy from my spirit of the coin experience, but I don’t have one. There were creepy and devilish spirits that we’ve encountered but I’m glad they didn’t linger to us that long and I hope they won’t too in the future.

image source: copa738.over-blog.fr

Some people say, “Do not disturb the spirits.” But then, maybe some of them might want to have a few chat for a while or something. But whether you agree or not, if you are thinking of trying the spirit of the coin out, always ALWAYS shield yourself in prayer. It helps.