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So you want that helicopter ride overlooking the city, that slick luxury apartment, and perhaps, that red room of pain? Well, you can now live that Fifty Shades of Grey experience with “Christian Grey” for 2 days for $12,397!

Crazy? I know right!



The Fifty Shades Experience

Two days with Christian at Escala
Fly with his Helicopter over the city
Sign the Dominant – Submissive Contract
BDSM in the “Red Room of Pain”
Dinner with dialogues from the movie
Total cost: 12,397 $

* Your ideal Christian will be an experienced BDSM dominant artist. You will choose your Christian from a selection of the best BDSM dominants after the confirmation of your booking.
* Your experience will take place in the luxury apartment of Christian. You could choose between New York City and Los Angeles.

As per Buzzfeed, “According to the company, 52 women have lived the experience so far and there’s currently a waitlist going through April.”

These girls must have a lot of bucks to splurge. I’m wondering though how their Christian Greys look like…that’d be funny if he’s not as hot as Jamie Dornan.

It’s crazy that anyone can think of anything to sell nowadays. I mean, behind this 50 Shades Experience, what else are they selling? BDSM experience?

Isn’t it mad how everything’s available online now?