Saw it in the news last night that two of our fellow Filipino made it to the Mars 100. Mars 100 are the screened individuals who were selected among the hundreds of thousands of applicants who applied for the Mars One project. Among them will be selected the first set of peope to have a trip to Mars–one-way. Yeah, that’s right. One-way. No coming back.

“Mars One is a not-for-profit foundation that will establish a permanent human settlement on Mars.” (information source: http://www.mars-one.com/about-mars-one). So those who are selected to join will have to live everything behind and live in Mars for good. They’re gonna be the first humans on Mars. For some reason, the news have left me disturbed up to this day. I just can’t imagine leaving my parents, my sibling, my friends, my dogs and the things that I love, like malling, movies, starbucks and the like behind and go in a far off planet. Shucks, even just the thought of it gives me that sinking feeling.

But maybe, there are just souls who are up for the adventure. I can’t believe there were even an initial applicants of 202,586. I thought no one will sign up for that. Maybe there are really those bizaar creatures who thirst for the unknown and are willing to leave everything behind to journey through them. Obviously, I’m not one of them.

I’ve read the Mars One website regarding the selection process and on what the selected applicants will have to face. It sounds really interesting that I feel like If it hadn’t been one-way I might have considered joining.

Earth is the only home I’ve known. But Earth too, like everything else, is constantly changing. Maybe a time will come that Earth will not be inhabitable anymore. Even the thought of it makes me a bit sentimental. I think Mars One is a promising project. This is a huge technological breakthrough that would be benificial to the future of mankind. Still, a bigger part of me wish that our beloved Earth will not reach a point where its inhabitant will have to transfer to some other planet, but I think its best to be prepared for whatever might come.