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I learned how to apply make up during my early 20’s, quite a late bloomer, yes, but over the years, I’ve learned a lot of techniques and short cuts from experience, and of course, the ever-reliable google and youtube.

But I realized that more than the make up essentials, I believe that having a good skin is the best foundation every woman could ever have. Sharing with you some of the things I’ve learned over the years on facial care and other beauty tips. Now, here it goes.

Keep it clean.

You’ll read it everywhere. Never  EVER sleep without washing your face especially with makeup on. Nothing ages the skin faster than that. Plus, you absolutely won’t want to sleep with a sticky and dirty face, would you?

In every product I use, I always prefer the clear and odorless type. For facial wash, the best I’ve ever tried is Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. It is so suitable for sensitive skin that it can even be used for bathing infants.

At times when I find Cetaphil a little pricey for the current budget, I use other mild soap like Dove, Ivory or Johnson’s baby soap. If you are using soap, only wash your face with soap at night before you sleep.Never wash it again with soap when you wake up in the morning to prevent your face from drying. Just wash with water. Your face doesn’t get so dirty as you sleep anyway.


In keeping the face clean, I also try to exfoliate at least every other week. If you are like me who commute everyday and is exposed to dust and dirt from the surroundings, I suggest you exfoliate once a week to remove deep-seated dirt and dead skin cells in your face. If your skin is sensitive, you may do it less frequently than that.

I exfoliate using baking soda paste. There sure are a lot of exfoliating products but I always prefer the natural ones. Besides, it’s cheap! I do this by mixing baking soda with a few drops of water enough to make it damp and then scrub it to my face and wash off with water. I moisturize my face twice as much as I usually do after I exfoliate just to make sure my face wouldn’t go dry.


Nothing makes the face look more soft, healthy and vibrant than a moisturizer. The first moisturizer I’ve ever used was a Royal Jelly moisturizer I bought in Japan which works amazing. I cannot find a similar product here in the Philippines so now I’m using Celeteque moisturizer. I love it because it’s clear and odorless and it’s not sticky and doesn’t weigh down the skin.

Use Sunscreen

Do you know the song “Everybody’s free to wear sunscreen”? Well, Laz Buhrmann is right. Wear sunscreen.

Consider Adapalene

When I was a pimply teenager, I went to a dermatologist to ask for help for my acne dilemma. My doctor managed to get the pimples off my face after a couple of weeks. On the last day of my consultation, he asked me, “Do you want to know the secret of a beautiful (facial) skin?”. Of course I answered, “absolutely, Doc.”

The Doctor told me I only need two products. 1.) Adapalene, and 2.) Sunblock (must be at least SPF30). Adapalene was one of the topical treatment my doctor used to wipe pimples off my face. He told me that it is good to continue using it even when I no longer have pimples. He said I should apply Adapalene at night and apply Sunblock in the morning. He said Adapalene makes the skin thinner, that’s why sunblock is absolutely necessary. I find Adapalene a bit pricey but if you have the budget, it’s really worth a try. I find that whenever I use Adapalene, my face would look clearer and my pores would appear much smaller. Plus, you wouldn’t get pimples since Adapalene is technically a cure for acne. Adapalene comes in two forms; cream and gel. I prefer the gel type because it doesn’t make the face feel sticky.

Facial Massage

I learned it from youtube. The Tanaka Face massage. It works wonders. You will see the remarkable difference after a few months. It efficiently makes the lines around the mouth less visible and it will make your face appear thinner. I do it once or twice a day. Make sure to use massage oil or massage cream on the face when doing the facial massage to promote less friction so you wouldn’t irritate the face. I use olive oil whenever I do facial massage because it’s natural and a lot cheaper than massage oils and creams.

Brush you lips

I mean, who wouldn’t want a naturally soft and red lips even without lipstick or lip gloss, right? I use tooth paste to brush my lips at least twice daily. It remove the dry skin in the corners or the lips, making it soft and smooth. I prefer using the red tinted tooth paste to make the lips look naturally red. I don’t really use tooth paste to brush my teeth, I actually use baking soda because I find it more efficient so this is the only time that I use tooth paste. Some people use baking soda in brushing their lips as well, but I find tooth paste work better since the light sting from the menthol will make the lips swell a bit thus making it a little fuller and redder. Also, I find baking soda a bit harsh during cold weather making us prone to chapped and windburned lips.

So how about you? Do have any other tips about facial care or other beauty hacks. I’m particularly searching for something to tame the eye bags. It is something I am yet to find a beauty hack for. So if you happen to know one, please let us know.

Happy Morning, beautiful Ladies 🙂