Just woke up this morning missing the simple life in the province. Now, this deserves a repost. 🙂


Back-to-work Monday (or at least for most of us). The hustles and bustles of the city just make me miss the travel we had in Surigao 2 years ago.

Surigao is a province located in the Mindanao area of the Philippines. This is my mom’s hometown, so made we it a point to visit at least once in every few years.

We took a flight from Manila to Butuan and from there rode a PUV that looked like an fx, (only jam packed and no aircon) that led us to bad-as and from there we rode a tricycle to my aunt’s place in Cabugao.


The tricycle in there looks a little different from what we have in most of Bulacan and Manila area. It still amuses me how Philippines have different types of tricycle.


I just miss the fresh air, fresh foods, the simplicity, the smiles… And of course, our relatives…

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