We haven’t been updating for a while. So when I saw this  “10 Day Blogging Challenge” from Sharon’s book nook, I was like, “Oh, there you go.. Now that’s something to blog about!” So yeah, we’re giving it a try.  I will write first and my co-blogger, Yang will follow. 10 Day Blogging Challenge, here we go!

Day 1: TEN things about YOURSELF

  1. I speak 3 languages. Tagalog(also known as Filipino) is my native language. English is my second language and I can speak in really bad Japanese ;b
  2. I am a Japanese Technical Support. Bad though as my Japanese can be, I actually use the language in my daily work. Yeah, nose bleed everyday. LOL.
  3. At age 3, I fell in love with words. It was at that age that I learned to write, and from there I never stop. When I learned to read, I feel like words are my soul mate and it was really a love at first sight.
  4. I collect books. I only have around 250 in my shelf but I intend to grow it into a bigger collection. I’m also a bit OC with my books. I read without opening the books too much so as not to bend the spine. I would always want to keep my books looking good as new.
  5. I am a super model wannabe. I followed(and constantly stalk) Miranda Kerr on facebook, and I consider Tyra Banks as my personal hero. I can skip all the shows there is on tv but never America’s next top model (also, Asia’s next top model). Man, I just love these people.
  6. I am a frustrated artist. I use to love drawing. When I was young, I thought I’m gonna be a great painter one day. But that child’s dream was eaten up by some other dreams, so no, I didn’t become an artist. I’m not one now. But then maybe, someday. Who knows..
  7. I love playing piano. I use to attend a piano tutorial session but wasn’t able to finish the whole course. My piano skills is still on a “twinkle twinkle little star” level, but I still do remember some Beethoven(Fur Elise) and Mozart(Minuet in G) pieces.
  8. I am an emotional eater. So when I’m gaining weight, I must be really really depressed.
  9. My heart is so small. Because, I can only like a person at a time. I don’t even have to be in a relationship to display fidelity. I think fidelity is good, but if you’re not in a relationship, that’s not healthy and borderline stupid. So it’s time to switch for a bigger heart, I think.
  10. My ears are too. I mean it literally. I had my ears pierced just recently and realized they are too small only 3 ear pierce can fit on each (that is without piercing the cartilage).

There. That concludes the day one of the challenge. Feel free to share yours.