Day 2- NINE BOOKS you want to READ

1. THE GREATEST SALESMAN IN THE WORLD by OG MANDINO. I’ve read the 10 scrolls, which from what I know, is also written in the book. I am curious of what else there could be inside. If you follow the instruction written in the first scroll (you are supposed to read the 1st scroll 3 times a day for 30 days. After 30 days, only then will you start reading the 2nd scroll in the same manner, 3 times a day for 30 days until you reach the 10th scroll), it will take you 10 months to finish a book. That would really come as a challenge for me, but still, I’d like to give it a try.


2. ATLAS SHRUGGED by AYN RAND. It was recommended by the wife of my favorite blogger(long story) so it must be good. The title itself doesn’t suggest much on what the book is all about and I intend to keep the mystery  until I actually get hold of the book. I’m actually excited for this one.

053. ATTACHMENTS by RAINBOW ROWELL.  I’ve read the summary of this and it sounds interesting. I haven’t read any love stories in a while. This seems to be a good, light read.


4. UGLIES Series by SCOTT WESTERFELD. Reading the summary got me intrigued. I’m hoping for a Hunger Game-ish feel on this one. I hope the book will not disappoint. 035. THE REAL RULES by BARBARA DE ANGELIS. Been fascinated with relationship books lately after reading “The Mating Game” by Allan & Barbara Pease. I think these kinds of books can serve as an eye opener in understanding the opposite sex and the differences of each.

066. MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE by TAYLOR JENKINS REID. Read a review of this book and it seems to be nice. From what I read, it talks about parallel universe and stuff, it sounds interesting to me.

077. THE TALES OF BEEDLE THE BARD by J. K. ROWLING. This was mentioned in Harry Potter. As someone who loved(loves) Harry Potter, this is definitely something I couldn’t miss.088. SECRET by RHONDA BYRNE. This is a book a friend recommended. Seems to be something to get inspiration from. 09

9. OUTLIERS by MALCOLM GLADWELL. I’ve been seeing quotes from this book from many different inspirational blogs I’ve been reading. I think the book mentioned about how it requires 10,000 hours of doing something to be an expert at it. This is an interesting theory, I think, so I want to find out more.02There. Nine books. Hopefully, I get to read any of these soon.


*book images taken from http://www.goodreads.com