We love to travel. And with all the air fares and travel tour packages being made more affordable recently, now, we CAN actually travel. Personally, I make it a point to have at least 1 major travel every year. Here’s the list of the places I’d like to go to.

1 – 3. Italy, Bali, India. Reason: Eat, Pray, Love. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t fall in love in these places? Eversince I watched the movie, I always fancy myself travelling to these places. I believe these are great places to find yourself. Or if you’re lucky, maybe the love of your life too.

image source: http://www.travel.ninemsn.com.au

4. Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Osaka, Japan. When I went to Japan years back, they don’t have this yet. Too bad. But as a huge fan of Harry Potter, I don’t think I would miss seeing this one. Can’t wait to taste butterbeer in real life! Wizarding World of Harry Potter, baby, wait for me!!!

image source: http://mikesdisneytickets.com

5. Safari Adventure in South Africa. I know this one would be far from cheap, but one can dream, right? And dreams are free. Yey! image source: http://www.africanpotatoassociation.org

6. Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I saw it in the disney movie, Rio. It looked awesome in the animated film, I bet the real thing looks even better. Another expensive wish, but then again, dreams are free 🙂

7. Cebu, Philippines. Now, for somewhere local, one of the places I’d like to visit would be Cebu. I’m a Marketmanila fangirl , so my first actual reason for wanting to go to Cebu it to dine at Zubuchon, a restaurant owned by Marketman (trivia: this is Anthony Bourdain’s “best pig…ever”). I also want to see Simala Church and a lot more.

Simala Church in Sibonga, Cebu . Image source: http://www.choosephilippines.com

image source: http://www.triportreats.com

8. Villa Escudero in Laguna, Philippines. Another local destination. Dining with a waterfalls on view sounds nice. Plus, it seems like you’re gonna actually have you feet wet while eating. Definitely seeing this one soon.

image source: http://tripzilla.ph

Whew! That was quite a number! I hope I’d be able to go to some(if not all) of these places one day.