Our First post was written February 2, 2014. We’re 1 year, 6 months, 19 days old today!! Yey!! If I am to choose 7 favorite posts from our blog, these would be as follows.

  1. My Spirit of the coin experience. A post where I recounted one of the adventures I had during my college days. Paranormal is always fun whatever age you’re in indeed. I still fancy trying out spirit of the coin once in a while. Maybe once I’ll try it again once I’ve found the courage that I use to have back in the day. Well, that, we will see.
  2. Mamma Mia. A favorite from Yang’s post. Remember the Boo boo kiss? This one got me.

    image source: rheumaticmom.blogspot.com

    And also these lines (boy, give me a tissue please… huhu.) :

    “To my mom who was never a good dancer, thank you for dancing when I came into this world, when you took my first picture, when I said my first word, when I learned how to walk, when I learned how to write, when you put that medal on me, when we made a handmade card for you, when we saw the cute guy we both have crush on, when we cried a river when Jack Dawson died, when we laughed together like loonies, when I was sad and you were cheering me up, when you kissed my booboos…Thank you for dancing with me in million ways Ma. Thank you for dancing with us till your very last breath.”

  3. Kerygma Conference 2014. This 4-day conference was 4 of the best days of my life. It was so fun recounting the spiritual high we encountered during the experience. Come November and we will be going to this year’s Kerygma Conference again. If you can, do join us! Click <here> for details.
    image source: http://kerygmaconference.com
  4. A Young Filipino CEO from PUP. In this article, Yang featured one of the speaker’s we had at last year’s Kerygma Conference. The talk run for a few hours and yet with those few hours, this guy was able to captivate us. A youth with so much passion and purpose I can’t help but feel jealous and awed at the same time. A really inspiring story.

    image source: linkedin.com

  5. Reminiscing the best days. This is where I recounted some of the best days of my life. How can it not be in the list of my favorites?
  6. Fifty Shades of Gran. This made me LOL.
  7. While Waiting for the Midnight Train. Another favorite from Yang’s post. One word: poignant. Check out for youself and click the link.

How about you? What’s your favorite post on your blog, or-if you happen to be a reader here-on our blog? Share us your thoughts.

Happy Friday Everyone!!