Now I came to the 5th day of the 10 Day Blogging Challenge that I got from  Sharon’s book nook. Now, listing 6 ways to win my heart is quite a challenge. I’m gonna do my best to be accurate. Here it goes:

  1. Confidence. I like men (or people in general) who are sure of themselves, who knows what they are doing and who are certain on what they want. No matter what size, shape or color the person could be in, if he has the confidence, I would always find him sexy.
  2. Concern. Nothing melts my heart faster than having someone ask if I’m ok when it seems like I’m not. Of having that someone do something to help me out in even tiniest most mundane tasks, I would definitely appreciate that. Or even a simple special treatment, like when he’s treating me a tiny bit more special than any other girl around and things like that. That’s just a sure way to capture me.
  3. Conversations. Good ones, bad ones, to me, they both count. I prefer men that I can talk to-or talk with. I love exchanging ideas, hearing and sharing stories and everything in between. I like men that I find easy to talk to.
  4. Wit. A combination of intelligence and humor. To me, this is an irresistible combination. Humor is a display of confidence it itself and is therefore, sexy. With humor, maybe we can end up as good friends, but add intelligence to that and maybe we can end up to be something more.
  5. Kindness. Someone good, someone gentle from the core. I think being nice is easy, but being kind is something that can only be reflected from the quality of one’s heart. So if I am to choose between someone nice and someone kind, I’d definitely go for the kind.
  6. Passion. I like men who’s passionate about something. I love seeing someone with that kind of flame and drive to pursue something he really believes in and cares about. The conviction, the certainty.. It’s just like confidence – they’re also sexy.