From yesterday’s post, I had a hard time deciding what are the 6 ways to win my heart. Now, for 5 turn offs, this seem to be the hardest so far. But challenge accepted. Now, here it goes.

  1. Pretense. There’s just so much in this trait. Lying, uncertainty, disrespect, lack of confidence and all the other stuff. That’s why it made it to the top of my list.

2. Complaints. Maybe complaints can’t be helped at times, but to make it a habit is a whole different story. And to me, complaints are only for the incompetent. Who would want someone like that?

3. Blaming. Same with complaints. I don’t think blaming can serve any purpose in itself. It is destructive and totally pointless. And to me, blaming is only for the terminally inept and is a total turn off.

4. Neglect. Concern is a sure way in to my heart. Neglect is a sure way out.

5. Shaming. Two words: TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. I love myself enough not to keep people who’d do that in my life. You should too. You deserve better.

There. My list was kind of intense I actually feel the #hugot in it.

Anyway, the best definition of #hugot that I found in the net was this:

Hugot is a hazily-defined Tagalog slang term that literally means “to extract” or “to yank out.” When applied to this context, it refers specifically to people dredging up past hurts, usually involving romantic relationships (or lack thereof), that we have never really moved on from, in order to gripe about them. It usually is paired with the feeling of being “sawî” or romantically-impaired. Sawî is a general emotional state, while hugot is a specific act.”

I got this from https://aslancross.wordpress.com/2014/10/26/i-kissed-hugot-goodbye/


So what are your 5 turn offs?