7th Day to the 10-day blogging challenge and I’m kind of enjoying this. Funny how much you can learn about yourself when you write about your wants, likes, turn offs and other stuff that the challenge require you to write. Nice right?

So, for my Four guilty pleasures…

  1. Reading books. It has to be on a soft couch next to my cudly buddy(a dog named Thangs), with lights slightly dimmed, a cup of coffee and maybe some smooth jazzy music… Just perfect.

  2. Super Oily, Hyperly Greaaasy breakfast. I love tocino. I love fried rice. Mix that with an oily sunny sideup plus orange juice and coffee(again) and I’ll be happiest breakfast eater ever.

  3. The voice ph. Maybe because I love Bamboo(one of the voice ph’s coaches), I’m not really so sure what made me so hooked with these types of reality shows. I don’t really watch tv a lot, but when it comes to the voice, I make it a point not to miss it just like how I won’t miss a meeting with the Pope or something.


  4. Caffaine. I LOOOVE coffee(in case you didn’t notice, in this article alone, I wrote the word coffee around 3 times) . And softdrinks too. I think I can’t last full straight week without drinking one or else I’ll be super grumpy.

image source: http://www.healthyhippie.net


There. My 4 guilty pleasures. How about you?