I was raised in a slightly conservative household where mostly everyone discourages any form of body modification including tattoo, body piercing, etc.

I just recently had 3 extra ear piercings to which my mother wasn’t so happy about. Now, I intend to do the tattoo next. But to avoid having world war III at home, I thought of having it at the rib or at the back or any place where I can keep it hidden forever or something.

Was actually on my way of having it done this last weekend. I thought of posting pictures here as my would-be “one confession”, but sadly, something came up that I wasn’t able to.

Anyway, I intend to have something that looks like this:

image source: ritch-g.deviantart.com

Having a tattoo at places where no one can actually see it seems a bit pointless but I love the idea of having a little secret for myself.

Sorry for making my “one confession” something that I haven’t done yet. I promise that once i have it done for real, I’ll post pictures here and share my secret with you. 🙂