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image source: imdb.com

image source: imdb.com

I haven’t been seeing chick flicks in a while so just to forget about my crazy world for an hour, I decided to watch 5 to 7. A friend posted a quote from it which quite got me so I searched and watched it.

The movie is about an aspiring writer who gets into a relationship with a married woman. One catch though, they can only meet between 5 and 7 in the evening.

I like the idea of perfect love shown in the movie. That perfect moment when time suddenly stops and then there’s just you and that person. That nervousness which makes your heart beat like 50x faster. That incredible joy when you talk to each other. And that amazing sensation when that person holds you…Of course it’s a movie-kind of love, romantic. If that’s how perfect it is in REAL life, I am not quite sure.  I’ve never felt that for real. Or maybe I have but then life taught me that fickle emotion doesn’t last.

Arielle: Maybe there are some people you marry and people you love.

Life shouldn’t be that complicated isn’t it? Sometimes it’s amazing to see the world in a different perspective but at some point you got to make a choice. Where would you want to go from where you are? You can either be happy or miserable.

Arielle: They say that no love is perfect but then, they never met you.

I still like the idea of that kind of love that never grows old. Like even when you’re both old and wrinkly and can’t have sex anymore, you’d still feel happy waking up beside each other.