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Since my co-blogger started the 10-day blogging challenge, how about making it 30?

Got this idea from my fellow writer and he said this is a good way to hone our writing skills. Maybe he got this from some writing workshop but whatever, I totally agree with him though. If you want to be a good writer then all you need to do is write and write and write and write…just write and start now.

Now, how do we go about this challenge? Each day you will post something about your life based on the topic in the calendar. Then in every post, maybe you can tag us #ravenbrave and #writingmylife so we could follow your posts as well and share it to others. It doesn’t have to be fancy and perfect. They say that all the best writer in the world started with the worst writing. So suck it off. Just be you and let’s all have fun! Sound cool?

Everyone is invited btw! 😀

Oh, but there’s this one catch, it should’ve started last Tuesday. LOL! Anyways, we can always adjust the calendar right? Just don’t forget the main goal, to write about your life in 30 days. I’ll start it off with the Tuesday post.

Then, whoever succeed in doing this in 30-days will get a Lamborghini! (someday, when you get published)

Hope you can join us.  🙂