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I wish I could write a Noble Peace Prize kind of piece for my Dad…But, I’m not that much of a writer.

So I’d just write what I want to tell the world about him…

My dad is not perfect.

He’s not that kind of father who’d play with kids or would go to church with his family every Sunday. We never went out to the park to play catch or stayed home to play video games when I was a kid. He never gave me advice on how to deal with heartaches and insecurities or what not. In fact, I grew up not seeing him at home 24×7.

But he’d always come running whenever I need him.

He fights for us.

He fought to be with us when my grandma kicked him out of the house. He fought to feed us and give us good education. He fought to save my mom’s life. He fought to raise us alone…he fought…even with worn-out shoes.

He loves us more than he loves himself.

My dad is not perfect. Heck, he’s not. But he’s still the best dad in the world.