image source: pinterest.com

image source: pinterest.com

Back in the days when I was younger and pathetic, I was so obsessed in meeting the only guy who made sense in MIRC and who have read one of my most loved novels by F. Sionil Jose.  So when I happened to chat with someone who knew the author, I made myself believe that it was him, even though I knew it really wasn’t him. So we texted and decided to meet up in a mall somewhere. It was a really stupid idea but I was bored and curious.

We decided to meet in front of a bookstore where all other EBs happened. It was in the ground floor and I was in the second, eyeing people like a lunatic. I was so scared and paranoid, I almost tripped in the escalator. It took me forever before I decided to approach the much older guy who was wearing the polo shirt my textmate described. He was okay. He wasn’t ugly but heck he was insatiable. When he held my hands and tried to pull me closer, I wanted to run away as fast I could…Ugh, just the thought of it still makes me cringe. Anyway, after the longest dinner in my life ever, I made an excuse and peaced out.