Oh, I miss this place ❤


When one is in a foreign country, its not only the tourist attractions, beaches and beautiful scenery that makes a mark but also those humble streets, the side walks, grocery trips, those familiar traffic lights, and parking lots and busy streets.. those too create a mark.

When I was sent to a business trip to Japan by the company that I use to work with, Tsudanuma was the place where I temporary lived.

It was a few stations away from our office and also a few stations away from Tokyo which made it so convenient.


Most of Japan’s malls and groceries close at 8 pm. But this one(see the photo above), a grocery named, JUSCO was open 24 hours. A life saver indeed.


I remember one afternoon, while walking around the neighborhood, I saw this multitude of birds flying in a somewhat circular motion. They looked like dancing. I was really…

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