A strange phone call



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I work in a BPO industry receiving calls from Japanese customers. I guess Japanese people are too polite and proper that for the past 2 years of working, I haven’t received even a single call remarkable enough to be called weird.

So the weirdest one I had was when a former special someone drunk called in the middle of the night. The conversation went into something like this:

him: hello? bakit ka tumawag? (hello? why did you call?)

me: huh? ikaw nga tumatawag saken eh. (huh? you’re the one who’s making this call.)

him: ano? bakit ka tumawag? (what? why did you call?)

me: lasing ka ba? (are you drunk?)

him: hindi no. nag-iinuman lang kami dito kila <insert some friend’s name here> . (no. we’re just having a drink here at <insert some friend’s name here>’s place.) 

me: ahhh.. kaya pala ang gulo mo kausap. (ohhh.. that’s explains why you’re hard to talk to.)

him: hello? bakit ka tumawag? (what? why did you call?)

**insert some more nonsensical conversation here (well, what else can you expect from someone drunk anyway).**


My Father


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I wish I could write a Noble Peace Prize kind of piece for my Dad…But, I’m not that much of a writer.

So I’d just write what I want to tell the world about him…

My dad is not perfect.

He’s not that kind of father who’d play with kids or would go to church with his family every Sunday. We never went out to the park to play catch or stayed home to play video games when I was a kid. He never gave me advice on how to deal with heartaches and insecurities or what not. In fact, I grew up not seeing him at home 24×7.

But he’d always come running whenever I need him.

He fights for us.

He fought to be with us when my grandma kicked him out of the house. He fought to feed us and give us good education. He fought to save my mom’s life. He fought to raise us alone…he fought…even with worn-out shoes.

He loves us more than he loves himself.

My dad is not perfect. Heck, he’s not. But he’s still the best dad in the world.

My First Heartbreak



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The earliest memory of a heartbreak that I had was losing all 4 of my dogs due to parvovirus. Losing one would be painful enough but losing all of them was way more devastating.

As for the “romantic” type of heartbreak, I had a lot and I’m having a hard time remembering which one’s the first. So let me just write down all the posible firsts, shall I?

  • the boy I like liking a best buddy
  • the boy I like leaving to transfer to another school
  • being ‘ghosted’ (though probably during those times, the term ‘ghosted’ hasn’t been heard of yet)
  • recieving extra-special treatment from some boy only to find him courting somebody else

Well, these happened during my pre-teen days so it wasn’t really all that dramatic though back in those days, they actually seemed so.


The 30-Day “Writing My Life” Challenge


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Since my co-blogger started the 10-day blogging challenge, how about making it 30?

Got this idea from my fellow writer and he said this is a good way to hone our writing skills. Maybe he got this from some writing workshop but whatever, I totally agree with him though. If you want to be a good writer then all you need to do is write and write and write and write…just write and start now.

Now, how do we go about this challenge? Each day you will post something about your life based on the topic in the calendar. Then in every post, maybe you can tag us #ravenbrave and #writingmylife so we could follow your posts as well and share it to others. It doesn’t have to be fancy and perfect. They say that all the best writer in the world started with the worst writing. So suck it off. Just be you and let’s all have fun! Sound cool?

Everyone is invited btw! 😀

Oh, but there’s this one catch, it should’ve started last Tuesday. LOL! Anyways, we can always adjust the calendar right? Just don’t forget the main goal, to write about your life in 30 days. I’ll start it off with the Tuesday post.

Then, whoever succeed in doing this in 30-days will get a Lamborghini! (someday, when you get published)

Hope you can join us.  🙂

5 to 7


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image source: imdb.com

image source: imdb.com

I haven’t been seeing chick flicks in a while so just to forget about my crazy world for an hour, I decided to watch 5 to 7. A friend posted a quote from it which quite got me so I searched and watched it.

The movie is about an aspiring writer who gets into a relationship with a married woman. One catch though, they can only meet between 5 and 7 in the evening.

I like the idea of perfect love shown in the movie. That perfect moment when time suddenly stops and then there’s just you and that person. That nervousness which makes your heart beat like 50x faster. That incredible joy when you talk to each other. And that amazing sensation when that person holds you…Of course it’s a movie-kind of love, romantic. If that’s how perfect it is in REAL life, I am not quite sure.  I’ve never felt that for real. Or maybe I have but then life taught me that fickle emotion doesn’t last.

Arielle: Maybe there are some people you marry and people you love.

Life shouldn’t be that complicated isn’t it? Sometimes it’s amazing to see the world in a different perspective but at some point you got to make a choice. Where would you want to go from where you are? You can either be happy or miserable.

Arielle: They say that no love is perfect but then, they never met you.

I still like the idea of that kind of love that never grows old. Like even when you’re both old and wrinkly and can’t have sex anymore, you’d still feel happy waking up beside each other.

One Confession (10 Day Blogging Challenge-Day 10)




I was raised in a slightly conservative household where mostly everyone discourages any form of body modification including tattoo, body piercing, etc.

I just recently had 3 extra ear piercings to which my mother wasn’t so happy about. Now, I intend to do the tattoo next. But to avoid having world war III at home, I thought of having it at the rib or at the back or any place where I can keep it hidden forever or something.

Was actually on my way of having it done this last weekend. I thought of posting pictures here as my would-be “one confession”, but sadly, something came up that I wasn’t able to.

Anyway, I intend to have something that looks like this:

image source: ritch-g.deviantart.com

Having a tattoo at places where no one can actually see it seems a bit pointless but I love the idea of having a little secret for myself.

Sorry for making my “one confession” something that I haven’t done yet. I promise that once i have it done for real, I’ll post pictures here and share my secret with you. 🙂



Two recent pictures (10 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 9)




Checked the photos saved in my PC and realized that I don’t have that much pictures of myself. Not really fond of pictures because no matter how I try, I just can’t seem to look like this. Haha!

Anyway, for my two recent pictures, here it goes.


The one at the left was taken at a restaurant not more than a couple of months back and the one at the right was taken a few days ago — A selfie at a construction site(our house actually) that I took for this purpose :).

There, how about you? Feel free to share photos. I will be more than glad to meet you all :).


Three things I want to say to three different people (10 Day Blogging Challenge-Day 8)




It is a lazy Wednesday morning. I missed a day in the challenge so I’m making it up to it today. Here are the three things I want to say to three different people (pardon the uber lazy post. Told you, this is a lazy Wednesday).

  1. To my family. I love this much *look at the picture*– yeah, that much 🙂 image source: http://www.tsintinay.deviantart.com
  2. To my friends. I miss you guys. Like, so much. Where(and when) are we gonna see each other again, huh?

    image source: 8z4.net


  3. To the love of my life. I’m still waiting.. ^_<

image source: verpics.com


4 guilty pleasures (10 Day Blogging Challenge-Day 7)




7th Day to the 10-day blogging challenge and I’m kind of enjoying this. Funny how much you can learn about yourself when you write about your wants, likes, turn offs and other stuff that the challenge require you to write. Nice right?

So, for my Four guilty pleasures…

  1. Reading books. It has to be on a soft couch next to my cudly buddy(a dog named Thangs), with lights slightly dimmed, a cup of coffee and maybe some smooth jazzy music… Just perfect.

  2. Super Oily, Hyperly Greaaasy breakfast. I love tocino. I love fried rice. Mix that with an oily sunny sideup plus orange juice and coffee(again) and I’ll be happiest breakfast eater ever.

  3. The voice ph. Maybe because I love Bamboo(one of the voice ph’s coaches), I’m not really so sure what made me so hooked with these types of reality shows. I don’t really watch tv a lot, but when it comes to the voice, I make it a point not to miss it just like how I won’t miss a meeting with the Pope or something.


  4. Caffaine. I LOOOVE coffee(in case you didn’t notice, in this article alone, I wrote the word coffee around 3 times) . And softdrinks too. I think I can’t last full straight week without drinking one or else I’ll be super grumpy.

image source: http://www.healthyhippie.net


There. My 4 guilty pleasures. How about you?